A Group Reservation Platform that Upsells & Cross Sells

  • Increase Revenue Per Attendee
  • Improve Reservation Efficiency
  • Improve Customer Experience
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Increase Revenue per Attendee

Upsell Shoulder Nights

GroupRevMax generates a personalized website for each block to accept individual reservations. Hotels can set up automatic upsell of shoulder nights to meeting attendees to increase occupancy and revenue per attendee. Some surveys of similar offers to transient customers have shown an increase in Length of Stay of up to 30%.

Upsell Room Types

GroupRevMax also allows hotels to increase revenue per attendee by offering room types that are not part of the original block for an incremental charge.

Cross Sell Services


Cross selling services like spa and restaurant bookings as well as third party services help hotels gain further share of attendees’ individual budget and increase overall revenue and profit from groups.


Increase Reservation Efficiency

Auto-Interface Group Reservations to PMS

All reservations that are made on the auto-generated website are automatically interfaces into PMS into the correct block, eliminating the need or any manual tasks on the part of reservation teams.

Auto-Upload and Manage Rooming Lists

Rooming lists received from event organizers can be uploaded to GroupRevMax in a csv format and bulk reservations are created in the PMS. System allows administrators to create different mappings for excel sheet formats from different sources, eliminating the need to massage the data in any way in most cases. Not only does this make reservations much more efficient, but it eliminates issues caused due to erroneous entries of arrival or departure date when done manually.

Auto-Interface FIT vendor Bookings to PMS

FIT vendors or tour operators often have extranets with no integration capability to PMS systems. GroupRevMax has a configurable import engine that imports these bookings into PMS and provides a confirmation number back to the vendor, eliminating another time consuming task that reservation teams are tasked with.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Modern Booking Interface

Enabling customers to make individual reservations online in a personalized and modern booking site and offering targeted upsells and cross sells increases customer satisfaction scores as compared to having to make a call to reservations.

Enable Self Service

GroupRevMax also enables the customer to do more online like selecting menu items in packages that allow choices, without having to call during working hours. Customers can also modify their reservations within allowed timeframes, anytime from any device, allowing them flexibility and increasing customer satisfaction.

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